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The Land of Now


ARUN Conscious Touch Thai Healing Massage

10 days | 8-9 hours a day:

Energy work
Arun / Osho Neo Yoga
Electro magnetic exercises
Silent & active meditations
Breath of Meditation experience

…many other exciting events

A unique course
Prem Anubuddha & Anasha

A Life-Transforming experience suitable for beginners and experienced bodyworkers

  • Learn and experience the science, art and meditative aspects of this amazing healing work. Practice yoga stretches and breath awareness exercises for the twelve meridians and ten Thai Energy lines.
  • Learn to give a complete 1 1/2 hour healing session for family, friends, and clients.
  • Experience a “fluid dance of healing energy”

Learn with a ‘teacher of teachers’

You will learn with a “Teacher of Teachers” and authentic Pioneer in many forms of Healing Touch and Meditative Deep Bodywork.

From 1976-1992 Anubuddha actively helped create Osho Rebalancing, CranioSacral Sensitivity, and Hara Awareness in Osho’s Communes in India, USA, and Europe, under Osho’s direct guidance. He has over 44 years of experience in sharing Yoga and Meditation, and Touch-based Healing methods.

A unique opportunity to learn the art of ARUN Thai Yoga Masage from Prem Anubuddha, in Holland.

You are very welcome!

June 15 – 24 , 2018

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A unique course with an intense program that gives you an inspiring and in-depth experience of Thai Healing Massage.

  • History, theory and practice of Thai Healing Massage 
  • Learning the 10-Main “Energy Lines” :
    • how to touch them, stretch them, activate and feel them from inside
    • this includes training in sensing electro-magnetism in feet, hands, and the whole body.
  • Yoga asanas and the breath exercises for each energy line. 
  • Special attention will be given to “the Mid-line” where the Chakras and the Glands reside 
  • Participants will learn to give a complete ARUN Thai Yoga Meditation session, as well as learning how to alleviate pain in various parts of the body
  • The participants will receive:
    • Certificate of completion 
    • Beautiful illustrated Thai Energy Line Charts
    • Two different photo notebooks 
  •  Lots of time for practice, personal feedback, long walks and fun.
Anubuddha Thai Yoga Masage Course - Arun Healing Touch

You’ll stay in our inspiring Yoga Retreat center

During this intense ARUN Thai Massage course of almost 10 full days you’ll be staying at The Land of Now, (For Dutch people known as ‘Het Land van Nu’), a beautiful and inspiring Yoga & Ayurveda retreat center.
A welcome place that breathes and lives Yoga, in the space and silence of the North of Holland.
Enjoy the atmosphere, the lovely meals of our Yogic kitchen, meet lovely people and drink in all inspiring experiences.

Do you want to know more about the place you’ll be staying? Read more here.

Retreat Center Het Land van Nu Retreat Center Het Land van Nu  Retreat Center - Retraite Centrum

The teachers

Anubuddha - Thai Yoga Massage, Arun Healing Touch

Prem Anubuddha

Anubuddha was the Enlightened Mystic Osho’s personal “Touch-based” doctor and lived over 15 years in his Communes. He co-created Osho Rebalancing in 1980. With Anasha he created ARUN Conscious Touch 23 years ago and has been teaching worldwide for over 35 years. 

Anubuddha has been practicing yoga passionately since 1973. In 1976 he was approved by Osho to teach “Osho neo Yoga” classes in his Ashram in India which he continued to guide near Osho for 15 years. He has helped thousands from all over the world to make use of the many benefits of yoga and Conscious Touching and is recognized as one of the authentic teachers of this healing and meditative art.

Message from Anubuddha

“Anasha and I have been visiting Thailand regularly since 1987. I have always loved the history and meditative roots of Thai Yoga Massage. It was originally founded by a good friend and doctor of Gautama the Buddha, Dr Shivago, 2500 years ago as a way of maintaining optimum health and learning meditation. 

Traditional Thai Massage has many things in common with ARUN Conscious Touch. It is based on touching, stretching, rocking and opening the inner energy lines of the body (the lines are called “Sen” in Thai). These pathways flow all through your body, connecting each part three-dimensionally from head to toe, surface to depth”. 


(France, 1951) started her discovery of herself through the body in 1973, and for a period of 10 years, she was putting all her energy into this journey by taking classes, courses, and giving and receiving many sessions; The main focus of all these methods is being aware: through touch, breath, energy and movement. Her teaching is an attempt to bring you in the moment, not wanting to change but more to accept this beautiful person that you are. She is trained in breath awareness, psychic massage, energy balancing, Aurasoma, massage and conscious touch. For many years she lived and work in Osho’s Communes and Meditation Centers in India, USA, and Europe. Since 1985 she and Anubuddha have been creating ARUN Conscious Touch. Her sessions are a synthesis of all these methods that she applies following her intuition with each individual, and a sharing of the deep love and relaxation that she has found through becoming friendly with her own body.

Anasha is a great cook, has studied diet and nutrition for years and is specialist in colon cleansing.

Practical Information

Your stay:

You’ll stay at The Land of Now (Het Land van Nu) in a double room with your own shower and toilet. Linen and towels are provided.

Do you want to know more about the place you’ll be staying? Read more here.

Food and drinks:

The meals during this course are supporting for this course and are fresh, organic and vegan. Prepared with a lot of love and our rich and tasty kitchen loves to inspire you. Tell us if you have any dietary restrictions, we have a lot of experience (e.g. glutenfree).


This course is suitable for beginners and experienced body-workers.


Up to four weeks before commencement 50%, then full amount.
Advice:  To avoid disappointment, we recommend to take out a cancellation insurance in case of unexpected illness or other reasons. The premium for such insurance is not high. Check with your bank or insurance company.

Prices | Thai Yoga Massage Course with Prem Anubuddha & Anasha:

€1495 euro (€1329,01 ex. VAT) for 10 days. This includes the whole course program, organic meals and accommodation in a double room with shower and toilet.

You’re welcome to arrive at Friday June 15 from 14:00, we’ll start the program with a diner at 19:00 and afterwards an opening and introduction.

The minimum number of participants is 12 persons. The maximum is 28 persons.

Arriving one evening earlier:

You are welcome for an overnight stay at June 14, from eight o’clock in the evening.
Rate for an additional overnight stay including breakfast and lunch is €60,- (€56,60 ex. VAT).


There is a small outdoor sauna at The Land of Now. Rate for use of the sauna is €7,50 per day portion.
Use of a large sauna towel is obligatory due to hygiene and is included. A bathrobe can be rented.

Questions or more information?

Ask us any question you would like to ask! You can contact us any time.

You are very welcome to join this course.

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Anubuddha Thai Yoga Masage Course - Arun Healing Touch
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